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Faster Linux Shared Hosting

Welcome to the top provider of Linux Shared Hosting around! Hostcode LAB offers the best combination of speed and reliability anywhere. Our variety of Shared Hosting packages give you the ability to choose a service that will meet your specific needs.

What Is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is a service where customers are hosted on a single physical server and share resources among each other. Shared web hosting reduces maintenance costs which make it more affordable for customers like you. You'll get your own set of disk space, data transfer, databases and much more.

What Is Cloud Linux Shared Hosting?

Linux is a popular operating system. It is a very powerful OS modelled after UNIX. Linux hosting provides you with top notch stability and security. Our Linux Web Hosting allows you to use the best software and features including PHP, MySQL, Apache, PostgreSQL, Python, Ruby, SSH and so much more!

There are thousands upon thousands of people who use the Linux operating system. Because Linux has so many developers, you won't find any shortage of resources where you can learn more about Linux. Linux developers are great at improving the stability and security of their OS. Linux has a great reputation; Hostcode LAB Hosting has an even better reputation!