Best Internet radio directory listing sites to submit your station

If you’ve just started a new Internet radio station,

then you may be wondering where to submit it.

Internet radio directories are a great place to add your new station.

Marketing your radio station isn’t always easy. No one likes to spend time just doing broadcasting only with a few listeners. Submitting your web radio station to popular internet radio directories is a great way to get more listeners.

But there are hundreds of options out there.

Some of the online radio directories are free and some are paid.

So, read till the end of the post to know the popular online radio directories, and How you can submit your internet radio station to these sites to attract new listenrs.

What is an internet radio directory?

Internet radio directories are websites that provide you the lists of online radio stations. From these listed radio stations across the globe, you can choose one according to your music taste or radio show type you want to listen. It is almost similar to Yellowpages, where you can find different types of local business listed.

Why you should add your radio station to directories?

Internet radio directories open the door for you to place your online radio station in front of potential listeners. You probably need to register on their website and submit the public stream URLs to the directories to get listed.

So your internet radio station gets the benefits of,

  • Attract more listeners to your station
  • Get more traffic back to your online radio website
  • You can generate more revenue

These is how Internet radio directories can help your internet radio station.

Best Internet radio directories 2021

But when it comes to finding the top internet radio directory it is a heinous job to shortlist from thousands of google search results.So, to ease your findings, here are the most popular internet directories you can trust & list your online radio station.

Go through the online radio station directory list to submit your radio station.


Radiogarden is One of the most unique internet radio directory website with interactive maps. It is a Netherlands based radio directory website started in 2016.

Radio Garden directory have thousands of internet radio across the globe to listen. Also as radio station owner you have the opportunity to submit your station.

How to add online radio station to RadioGarden site?

To submit your radio station on the radio. garden online radio directory site, you have to fill this Submission form. It might take a few weeks to get confirmation from them.

Streema is a widely popular online radio stations directory with  70,000  strong live radio stations. have iOS and Android app for the listeners to make the internet radio experience simple and easy.

Surprisingly claims to have 10 Millions Active Users every month.

This stats make more potential to submit your radio stations.

How to add online radio station to

To add your station to the streema’s radio directory, You have to go check this radio submission form. Submit all the necessary infromation it is asking for by clicking on the “Continue” button.

Streamitter is another recommended and one of the oldest radio station directory. Since 2004, this radio station directory is serving to it’s listener.

Also, if you’re a online broadcaster you have a golden chance to get listed on Streamitter.

How to add online radio station to

All you need to do is to complete the Radio Submission Form available on their site. While submitting your radio station don’t forget to check their submission guidelines.

RadioTower is another internet radio directory to add your station. It has 30+ categories to tune in.

How to add online radio station to

RadioTower allows you to add your radio station by filling up this submission form. Though it might take more than a month to appear on their listing, so be patient with them.


Deezer is a french online music streaming app. Listing your online radio on deezer could be a good choice to promote your radio station. But like other internet radio directory Deezer is not providing free listing. Therefore you may need a premium subscription.

Some stats of

  • Deezer has presence in 180 countries.
  • One of the largest audio catalogs with 73+ Millions songs, podcasts & audio books.
  • 60 Distribution partners
  • 80 Consumer tech brands has integrated

How to add online radio station to

Currently is not accepting any radio submission. Previously they were accepting the submissions using this form.

So, Contact using the Deezer Support If you want to add your radio stream.

Listen to 18,824 streaming internet radio stations via shoutcast or icecast on . Another oldest internet radio directory from 2005. Streamfinder internet radio directory featuring unique, niche and independent stations.

How to add your streaming internet radio to

You can promote your streaming radio stations here for free. To add your stream, create an account with StreamFinder by visiting this link. hosts all the online radio stations of europe. This radio directory has online monthly traffic of 189,515 users. So is another potential radio directory if you want to add station there.

How to add your station to

There is no direct submission link available on their website. But you can visit the contact page to get listed.


If you’re a electronic and dance music broadcaster then you will love Filtermusic – online radio directory. This radio directory filter the thousands of radio station and specifically promote the Electronic and dance music.

How to add your station to FilterMusic?

To add your radio station to the FilterMusic directory, visit the suggest a radio station section here.

Nexus Radio

Nexus Radio, formerly Fusion Radio is a leading specialty internet broadcaster and portal. The station has devoted listeners all over the world.

Nexus Radio was originally founded in 2003 and was relaunched as Nexus Radio on June 1, 2015.

How to add your station to Nexus Radio?

You must contact with Nexus radio team using this contact form to get listed.

vTuner Internet Radio

vTuner is another option to add your radio station. It has a huge list of internet radio stations. With 15+ years of expertise in the internet radio station industry, they are offering easy to enjoy experience to their listeners.

How to add your online stream to vTuner?

To add on Vtuner, visit this submission link and provide all the required information.


LaRadioFM is another internet radio directory with 3000+ Stations and 4000+ streams.It is another potential directory to add your online stream.

To submit your radio station or stream visit the LaRadioFM’s radio registration link.

Streaming the net is another easy to access live streams and media website directory.The Best way to add your online radio on “Streaming the net” is submitting via this link.

Get Me Radio

Get Me Radio! is a directory of radio stations and podcasts from all over the world. Founded in 2020 only. Though it has a good potential to put your station in front of listeners.

It allows broadcasters to add their radio station using this link.

Other popular internet radio directory sites

Wrapping up

Being a Internet radio station owner you must know what’s the best way to grow your audience. And Internet radio directory submission is one of initial strategy you can apply.

The best thing about submitting your station to top internet radio directories like these is that it’s free (unless you choose to upgrade to the premium their paid services).

By doing so, you create a new promotional avenue for yourself and your station. Some listeners will hear your station for the first time and be intrigued by what you have to offer. As a result, they may click on through to your site.

In other words, directories like these can help you gain a valuable new source of listeners and revenue.