Is VPS the best Hosting choice for your eCommerce Startup?

An eCommerce store needs reliable and secure infrastructure to run smoothly.

Therefore, you need to choose the best VPS hosting for eCommerce which is affordable and comes with all the necessary features making it the perfect choice for eCommerce websites.

Read till the end of this article to find the information on eCommerce hosting which covers the following topics,

  • Why do you need VPS for an eCommerce store?
  • Various types of VPS hosting options
  • Best eCommerce VPS hosting plans
  • Consideration while choosing the best VPS hosting for eCommerce

So without taking much time let’s dive into the details.

Why eCommerce startup needs VPS hosting?

Shared hosting is a good option to host your business website or a blog, it is not recommended to host your eCommerce business. Here are few reasons why VPS hosting is the right choice for eCommerce startups

Speed matters in eCommerce Website

Your eCommerce Website’s speed is a key factor for your success.

A slow-loading website hurts User Experience. Besides user experience, Page speed is a key ranking factor for search engines too.

A report says 47% of people expect a page to load within two or three seconds.

In shared hosting space, the resources are shared with other websites. The rise in traffic in any other website will slow down your eCommerce site.

But with a good VPS hosting plan you own your server and the resources.

Therefore, you can optimize the speed and performance in a better way with VPS hosting.

Security of your eCommerce Website

Security breach on an eCommerce website is a serious matter.

It can cause a lot of damage and loss of confidence of customers in your company. It is important for you to keep your site secure by implementing proper security measures.

Hackers will often try to infect e-commerce websites with malware before selling any product or data stolen in the breach.

So when you host your eCommerce website in a Shared hosting space, you put your eCommerce site is a risk. If a hacker can get access to any of the shared sites of the server, it is a big threat for your eCommerce website too.

Where in VPS hosting you don’t need to worry about the activities of other’s websites.

Here you own your server and hence you can configure it properly to keep it secure as much as possible.

Reliability of your eCommerce store

You must consider a reliable hosting option for your eCommerce store.

Reliability of your hosting platform is another key factor here. It determines how much traffic your ecommerce site can handle, for how much time it can keep your site up with that loads.

Imagine if there is a sudden spike in the traffic during the holiday season and your eCommerce site gets down, how badly it will impact your business?

In this case, All the Server resources like BandWidth, Storage are only allocated for your usage. Thus VPS hosting is more reliable than shared hosting when it comes to performance and uptime.

Customization Option

The other benefits of choosing VPS hosting for eCommerce site is the Customization option.

In shared hosting you will never be able to choose your own operating system and other resources. Most of the Shared Hosting comes with pre-packed server resources and OS.

With VPS hosting you have the full freedom to choose your own operating system and other resources which you like to install and manage by your own.

Control Over the Environment

Along with the Server Customization option, you should consider the Server Control.

With VPS Hosting plan you are eligible with SSH and root access to the server.

That means you have more control over the server environment and can use the resources to the fullest potential.

Which is almost impossible with any shared hosting plan.


Your business business growth is a sign to scale your IT resources.

But you don’t need to worry about the scalability while using VPS hosting for your eCommerce site.

You can add additional resources from storage space to bandwidth and additional IP instantly without affecting your site.

Whereas in Shared Hosting, you’re limited to your resources.

Therefore, you should choose VPS hosting over Shared Hosting.

Well, now you know why should go with VPS hosting for eCommerce site. Now let’s explore which VPS hosting type suits your requirement.

Type of VPS hosting for eCommerce

If we categorize the VPS hosting on a management level, there the two types of VPS Hosting which you can pick for your eCommerce project.

Self- Managed VPS Hosting

Self-managed VPS hosting means you are in charge to choose the resources, configure it and manage the server according to your requirements.

Also, Self-managed VPS Hosting is popularly known as Unmanaged VPS Hosting.

Self-managed VPS hosting is comparatively cheaper than managed VPS hosting, as the hosting provider will only give you access to the infrastructure.

If you have the right technical expertise to manage your own server, unmanaged VPS hosting plan is the best option for your self-hosted eCommerce site.

Fully Managed VPS Hosting

If you think there are too many server management tasks in Self-managed VPS hosting, here comes the Fully Managed VPS hosting plans.

In Managed VPS hosting plan you don’t need to worry about server management, our technical team will configure, update and supervise all the resources for you.

Meanwhile, you can focus on your business to grow without having any headache of Server-management.

Best VPS Hosting for eCommerce Startups?

Here we are listing the affordable Linux VPS hosting plan for your eCommerce Website in both categories, Unmanaged and Managed.

Best Self-Manged VPS hosting for eCommerce Store

If you want to manage your own virtual server, KVM VPS is a great solution. It is cost-effective than managed cPanel VPS. Here are two recommended plans for you,

#1 VPS -L2

This Linux based KVM VPS comes with the below configuration,

  • RAM: 2GB
  • Disk Space: 50GB
  • Bandwidth: 500GB
  • IP: 1 dedicated IP
  • Server Location: United States
  • Setup Cost: Zero

#1 VPS -L3

This version of KVM VPS comes with more Space, RAM & Bandwidth

  • RAM: 4GB
  • Disk Space: 100GB
  • Bandwidth: 1TB
  • IP: 1 dedicated IP
  • Server Location: United States
  • Setup Cost: Zero

There are many more other Unmanaged VPS hosting Plans available here.

Best Managed VPS hosting for eCommerce Website

All the managed VPS hosting plan comes with the control panel installed So that you can focus on your business rather managing the server. There are many control panels out there, but here we are listing the cPanel Managed VPS which are much popular for ease of use.

#1 MVPS-L1

This cPanel managed VPS has the basic configuration,

  • RAM: 2GB
  • Disk Space: 50GB
  • Bandwidth: 500GB
  • IP: 1 dedicated IP
  • Free cPanel Installed
  • Server Location: United States
  • Setup Cost: Zero
  • Anti-DDoS Protection
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support

WordPress wooCommerce VPS Hosting

All the Linux VPS hosting supports the Self-hosted eCommerce platforms. If you’re concerned about whether you will be able to install and run wooCommerce or not, the answer is yes. Whether you choose self-managed VPS hosting or Managed VPS hosting irrespective of the option you can run your eCommerce platforms there.


In conclusion, choosing the Best VPS hosting for an eCommerce site is always beneficial than Shared hosting. Go for the unmanaged VPS option if you have the server guy with you, else don’t choose the Unmanaged option. Managed VPS is the best choice if you don’t want to manage the server.

Final Tips: Before choosing the hosting plan and provider look for the technical specification, features, Support, and SLA.

You can checkout our wide range of VPS hosting plans here. If you need any assistance in setting up VPS for your ecommerce store, our VPS experts would love to do it for you instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more question on your mind regarding e commerce VPS hosting? Here we added the answer of frequently asked questions.